Frenchay Studio 1

At the moment, nearly our broadcasting is done from our Frenchay Studio located in F block outside the UWE Reception and Escape bar.


Frenchay Studio 2

This is a work in progress. Shhh……

Studio 2 is our production and pre-record studio to be hopefully located somewhere in F block. The studio will also be capable of going live if Studio 1 is out of action.

Old Studios

Bower Ashton

Hub used to be able to broadcast from Bower Ashton (our spiritual home). In previous years we have been able to utilise one of the Bower Ashton audio studios for any broadcasts down at the campus, but due to a change in policy from the ACE department we are no longer able to do so.

We are actively trying to get suitable space to install a studio at Bower Ashton. For now, here’s a picture of one of the studio’s we used to be able to broadcast from.


Frenchay ‘Hubboard’

At the very top floor of F block, hidden away in the media centre office is what used to be known as ‘The Hubboard’, named after it’s small size.


The Rachay

Unfortunately we don’t know much about this mythical studio apart from it was located in The Rachay in the centre of Bristol. Perhaps we will never know.

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